Super in more ways than one.

We’ve always been Super at screening childcare candidates.

Now we’ve decided to share some of the goods.

Childcare should be a team sport.

The pandemic shone a bright light on what many of us have known for a long time – childcare is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Running Chicago Super Sitters for more than a decade, we know first hand how childcare can be hard to find, nanny agencies can be very expensive, and managing the hire and those first few job-days can be awkward (at best). And then add pandemic-kids and an inflated childcare market to the mix? Nightmare.

We wanted to help in more than just Chicago, and we wanted to support parents in finding their own childcare, without having to take out a second mortgage.

We looked at what Super Sitters does well, what we do really well, and what people were asking for. We looked at our values of Empathy, Trust, Support, and Inclusion, and listened to what parents were saying. We looked at our track record: We’ve screened thousands of childcare providers over the last 10+ years with Chicago Super Sitters, and we’ve learned a thing or thirty. This was valuable information and parents needed it.

And so, Super Screeners was born.

And though we are still based in the Windy City, we are thrilled to be able to expand our Super Screeners support to everywhere, not just Chicago (though Super Sitters will be in your city shortly too).

Screening a sitter or nanny is no joke. It can be hard, it can be time consuming, and it can be really frustrating. Especially if you are doing it thoroughly. But you know what? Parenting can be frustrating enough. I’m happy to say that Super Screeners is here and we’re ready to party.

Tori Ulrich

“I started a business in 2010 based on my belief that finding quality childcare should not feel impossible, and should not cost as much as a vacation.
Then the pandemic happened, and suddenly childcare became as necessary to survival as water and sleep. I was tired of seeing parents (let’s be honest, moms) struggle. So, I decided it was time to create a different kind of service with the same kind of Super magic.”