Take a deep breath. We’re in this together.

There are 4 major steps when hiring in-home childcare.

We can help with all of them.

Source a Candidate.

Know WHAT and WHO you are looking for.

Download our “Source” guide to get help sourcing your perfect candidate. This package helps you figure out what you really need versus want, how to write your perfect ‘ask blurb’ or job post, and helps you know where to look!

Interview the Candidate.

Two options available (because this step is pretty major).

You can download our “Interview” Super Guide for a DIY interview: complete with questions, follow up questions, hints, tricks, red and yellow flags, and how to really know if they are your person.

OR, you can spend a little more, and have Super Screeners do the first or second interview for you. You will tell us what you are looking for and what qualities you want in a person, and we’ll ask all the questions for you and send you our findings.

Verify the Candidate.

Due diligence is the name of the game here.

This is the safety-step. Background checks, driving checks, and reference checks (this often becomes a communication check as well!).

Available as an add-on to an interview package, or as a stand-alone package. Even if you don’t do these extra steps with us, please do them — these are important.

Hire the Candidate.

You’re almost done!

Make SURE this relationship stays super by having the right convos and getting on the same page, right from the jump. Our ‘Hire’ Super Guide will help you know what conversations to have, will make sure everyone has the same information on Day One, and will ensure you get some of the awkward details out of the way before it has the chance to get realllllllly awkward.