There are a lot of
questions to ask
and convos to have
when hiring childcare.

Our Super Guides can help you with all of them
from start to finish!

Super Guides

These Super Guides are ideal
for folks that want to handle
the hiring process themselves,
but ALSO want to be thorough.

We have three different downloadable packages available to help with the different stages of hiring. These packages are new to the public, but have been curated by collecting the skills, steps, and practices that Chicago Super Sitters has been perfecting for over a decade.

We know kids can be hard,
finding them childcare shouldn’t have to be.

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Where do I start?
How do I know what I need & want in a candidate?
Where do I look for someone to hire?
How do I write a nanny-job post?

This Super Guide includes an actual worksheet to help you figure out what you are looking for and what you need. Also, where to look for it, how to ask for what you want to get better-suited candidates, and SCREENER TIPS to help along the way.

Hope to eventually interview and hire someone?


What questions do I (or can I) ask?
How do I make them specific to my family?
What should I want in their answers?
Red and Yellow flags – which is which?

This Super Guide includes a long, very detailed, list of questions and the reasons for asking them (and some SCREENER TIPS). We provide variations for questions, ways to adapt questions to your family’s needs, and extra questions and to ask if you get to the end and still aren’t sure.

Hope to hire them after the interview?


How do I set this up to succeed?
What conversations should we have and when?
What should I have ready for them?
How do I keep it going well after it starts?

This Super Guide includes our ‘Day One Suggested Conversations’ that helps avoid awkward situations later, our ‘Family Info Form’ which has all the relevant household details that any caregiver should need, as well as a list of SCREENER TIPS & Tricks that will help everyone stay happy and on the same page.

Don’t need the other guides because you found your One already? Congratulations!

Now you need our reference & background check services so you can be really sure.

Everyone loves a bundle.

Bonus Content.


How do you keep the nanny once you have hired them?

What should you pay, and what changes the rate?

Do you need one? What should it include?